I saw a post by a page called “Women’s Rights News”, a massive group with millions of members.

The post was your typical, bashing the MRA kind of post, the comments were very similar. But one comment I saw was brilliant response, and I just had to save and share it.

How has feminism improved the lives of men?
What history is that?

Not one significant injustice men experience in today’s world is addressed by feminism, but you claim feminism promotes equal opportunities and rights for both genders. MRA’s are just getting support, we don’t have 70 million supporters like feminism nor are we seated on the board of the United Nations, we do not have the same influence in the media nor a fraction of the resources that feminism has, MRA’s help in the small ways that we can afford to right now, they help individual men who are in custody battles, they finance men who are fighting false rape allegations etc. and they help by making persons more aware of how feminism negatively affects men and masculinity in society.

“My 13-year old daughter walks in the door and drops an F-bomb about the weather. Parenting win: I chastise her choice of language without mentioning gender.”

My young boy hits a girl: “Boys should never hit a girls!”
Is that chastising without mentioning gender?

“men who are on the MRA fence are less likely to listen to a woman’s views on the subject”

Rubbish, most MRA websites, facebook pages,youtube channels etc are run by women who support and acknowledges the injustice and the blatant disregard men receive from the largest “human” rights organisation with over 70 million members which is feminism.
“Male allies can pull them back from the brink.”

No mangina, can speak to me. Any man who is comfortable speaking out against catcalling, manspreading, against men standing up to urinate, but can’t find the time to stand up for ONE issue relating to males, can eat my ass.

Not parental rights
Not education
Not incarceration
Not Occupational deaths
Not Homicide or Suicide rates
NOt chronic homelessness etc.

“their misogyny and threats of violence toward women”

HA have you seen the #KillAllMen movement, have you seen feminists t-shirts and mugs about drinking male tears. And you want to speak about the hate promoted by the MRA, MRA’s make angry comments just like anyone else.


“if they were actually serious about solving any of the problems that they profess to rally around, why would they choose to alienate half the population”

First of all how can men rally around a movement that believes that men are already privileged and need no help! How can an organisation like that support the issues men are looking to resolve, dumbest thing i’ve ever heard.

Secondly we don’t choose to alienate half of the population, We choose to alienate FEMINISTS!, feminists do not represent half of the population!.


“The feminists I know love men. They don’t want them to be injured on the job, get assaulted, restricted from seeing their children, be homeless or die young. “
But what are they doing to prevent these things from happening?
and for your information men lost their parental rights because or Feminist Caroline Norton. And more men are being lead into high risk jobs because of feminism pushing the more qualified men out of the white collar jobs to help corporations meet gender requirements, because women don’t want equality to work in sanitation, electrical installations, fisheries etc.…/Protesters-Ask-Scott-to-Veto……/two-dozen-women-urge…

Feminism don’t give a shit about men or boys. And no I don’t care about your dictionary definition of feminism. The definition of the Ku Klux Klan was : An organisation dedicated to peace-keeping through self defence, and gained wide support due to this definition. yeah, they turned out great.…/2/2182950/kkk_info.pdf”

So well put, so succinct and just so true.


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